Tuesday, January 26, 2016

WIPocalypse 2016 - January

Autumn Mystery, by Pamela Kellogg. I finished stitching this central section, and started on the backstitch.

Not Forgotten, by Dragon Dreams. Finished stitching the gryphons and the top of the boat. I ran out of the brown for the boat about 48 stitches before I was done - good thing I hadn't emptied my ort jar for the year yet. I found little short pieces of floss to finish the last few stitches. Next up for this: the yetis.

The Snowflower Diaries: Haunted House freebie. I cut a piece of darker fabric for this, but I cut it WAY too small, so I decided to use a larger piece of lighter fabric I had. Now I'm thinking the ghost girl may be too close to the color of the fabric. I don't know whether to a.) give up, b.) backstitch around her in a slightly darker color, or c.) figure she'll look more ghostly if she's harder to see. I may keep stitching the stuff around her for a bit and see if it makes any difference. Hmmm.

Magical Creatures Calendar by Cloud Factory. I'm stitching this on the called-for fabric (i.e. Crystal Jazz, by Picture This Plus. This is the beginning of January - Frost the Centaurus.

Sorry for the crummy pictures - my daughter used my camera to take snow pictures, and I think it might have messed up the camera (or maybe I'm just a crummy photographer).