Monday, March 31, 2014

Oldie, Resurrected

Here's a piece I finished a couple of years ago (after it was MANY years in progress). When I washed and pressed it, darned if some of the brown floss didn't bleed, which caused me to put it away for months, then try to get the dye out of the fabric using an ammonia/dishwashing liquid/water mixture idea I found online, then put it away for months again. Finally, I got it back out and decided it doesn't really look all that bad. I think I might get it framed, after all.

Friday, March 14, 2014

WIPocalypse 2014 March Update

My daughter is leaving on a band trip to Washington, D.C. in the morning and taking my camera with her, so I thought I'd do my progress post a little early. Sadly, I didn't get much stitching done this month...

Here's my progress on "Lo, How a Rose", by Better Homes & Gardens. It's starting to come together, I think, but I noticed that yet another DMC shade has changed from what it used to be - from a more subtle grayish-green to one with a lot more blue in it. Since there are so many similar shades in the design, maybe it won't matter too much.

And here's my "Not Forgotten", by Dragon Dreams. I finished the right side of the boat, and did some backstitching.

This is the beginning of my little nuthatch ornament by Crossed Wing. I have more to do on the branch, and then some backstitching left to do.